— varieties of bohemian wine glasses

235 - varieties of bohemian wine glassesYou can only feel the taste and aroma of wine if you use the right glasses. When choosing bohemian wine glasses, you can enjoy the drink as much as possible, as well as get an equally valuable aesthetic pleasure.

Features of the physiology of taste

There is a huge number of taste buds on the human tongue, and taking into account this feature, various glasses have been developed. To be able to appreciate the exquisite taste of the aroma of white and red wines, special glasses were created, which are characterized by an open and wide shape. Thanks to the long and elongated shape, you can feel the peculiarities of the flow of the noble drink. The following factors influence taste perception:

  • the shape of the glass;
  • the volume of the glass;
  • glass thickness;
  • the quality of the material.

Currently, glasses are usually called wine glasses, the capacity of which varies from 125 to 150 ml. Most often they are pear-shaped or cylindrical. Suggestions for sparkling wines often resemble an elongated vase, while for wine with sour notes, it is recommended to serve glasses that are narrower at the top.

Variety of offers

If you want to get exclusive and luxurious glasses, experts recommend paying attention to Bohemian glass. Such proposals will not leave anyone indifferent, since each set of wine glasses is a real masterpiece. The advantages of such models are considered to be:

  • rainbow glow;
  • choice of color and volume;
  • unique decoration;
  • aesthetic appeal.

Bohemian products are able to surprise with the perfection of lines, incredible shapes and whimsical decor. The glass is incredibly clear and transparent, and can show amazing lighting effects when exposed to light.

To avoid disappointments, it is recommended to purchase products from stores that have been on the market for a long time and have a good reputation. A detailed description of the product and bright colorful pictures will allow you to fully get an idea of ​​the advantages of a particular offer in the catalog.